Cases Virtonex

A conference in the Virtonex metaverse.

The speakers before us were:

Tatiana Merkulovich with the topic:

- How businesses can build service for their clients in meta-villages;

- What are the pros and opportunities of virtual reality to build a superior customer experience.

A few facts about Tatiana:

  • Commercial Director at Sape;

  • International expert in Customer Experience, certified business tracker and consultant;

  • More than 15 years of agency management experience;

  • Member of the Association of Customer Experience Professionals, the Association of Development of Digital Agencies; Candidate member of the CIS Speakers Association;

  • Winner of CXWA`22-23 in the category of CX-Director;

  • Author of the book "Performance Marketing: Making the Internet Work for You.

  • David Emukavri with the topic: Creating 3D Avatars and Digital Content.

David is the Director of Business Development

Twin3D - a leader in Russia in creating realistic 3D human avatars.

- The team is engaged in creation of computer graphics for Film, Advertising, Game and Meta universes;

- Developed two own high-tech 3D scanner working on technology Photogrammetry, to create a photorealistic 3D double and the crowd.

Company's expertise:

  • 3D scanning and creation of digital look-alikes of people, objects and locations;

  • Recording movements by MoCap technology (Xsens/OptiTrack);

  • Animation and creation of CG content.