Cases Virtonex

Speech by speaker Alexey Kamoedov

Main theses:

  • Current business situation: main problems and challenges
  • What does the client want?
  • How to combine business objectives and client's desires?
  • Smartphone as the fastest and most effective channel of communication with the client;
  • Loyalty systems and how to apply them;
  • Push - notifications are not just about sending out promotions;
  • What else can mobile applications do?
  • Examples;
  • The subtleties of creating apps;

A few facts about Alexey:

  • Founder and head of Sapsan Studio (mobile and Web application development);
  • 20 years in sales;
  • 15 years as a region manager in the sales department of foreign companies;
  • Trained sales staff;
  • 3 higher education (medical, economic, MBA);
  • 2 launched startups;
  • Certified business coach;