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Digital technology and visual communications expert Sergey Ulyashchankov speaks.

We are already seeing global changes in the market, and they are happening at a tremendous rate, because there has been a cumulative effect over the years. And if earlier it was talked about, now it is being implemented. The future has arrived, but what is it? That's what we'll talk about at the upcoming event.

The main talking points are:

1. New tools for business;

WEB 3.0 - what's the advantage and what's the catch?

Neural networks as a standard for business processes and financial operations. 4;

4. What direction to develop in order not to become an outsider in comparison to competitors; 5;

5. Perspectives - let us look a bit further into the future.

Some facts about Sergiy:

- Expert in digital technology

And visual communications;

- Founder of Human Interface (b2b in digital technology and marketing);

- Partner at Armada Security.

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