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Speaker's speech. Marketing expert Karina Rodionova.

We discussed:

- What qualities an expert should have to start selling online;
- How to start making money with a blog from your expertise;
- Where in us the inhibitions to manifestation ( revealing you as an expert) + you will get an assignment for self-analysis;
- How to sell with your charisma;

⚡BONUS: You will receive a scheme for a selling post and you can use it the same day.

Karina Rodionova is a producer and marketer. Mentor to experts, creatives and online businesses.

Some facts about Karina:

- Creator of 5 courses to develop applied qualities in personal brand promotion;
- Trained over 100 people;
- Has been working online since 2018;
- Trained by world-class speaker Lisa Nichols "Lisa Nichols" (expert in the movie "The Secret");
- Creator of the closed club "Lust for Success";
- Formerly an author and performer of 50 songs. Performed in the CIS countries.

To become in demand, you need to master only one skill - the ability to sell yourself.