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Speech by journalist Elena Rubtsova

Elena is a journalist ("Miracle of Technology" on NTV), TV presenter (Nova TV, Applaus TV), documentary filmmaker.

You will learn what ingredients in the media kitchen remain unchanged from year to year, and what new trends will flavor media products in 2024? We'll discuss what to rely on when building a media presentation of you and your business to make sense to the client and keep up with the times.

A few facts about Elena:

  • Winner of the New York Movie Awards, International Gold Awards, London Movie Awards, Brno Film Festival;
  • Graduated from Higher School of Journalism, Applaus Media school, Nova TV Academy, University of economics in Czech Republic;
  • For a long time worked for Nova TV and Applaus TV channels, where she broadcast live and interviewed world stars, including Russian stars (D. Hasek, S. Nemolyaeva, I. Churikova);
  • Author of the festival short film "Prisoners of Dreams" (Czech Republic, Israel, USA, Jamaica, Russia 2022).