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Lecture with a master class. Speaker Natalia Kaurova.

A few facts about Natalia:

- Advisor to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;
- Founder of the SONAR Foundation for Assistance in the Implementation of Scientific Developments;
- Mentor, analytically oriented psychologist, ICI coach;
- Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Main theses of the lecture:

- How to burn with your work and not to burn out;
- What tools will help to cope with stress;
- Whether there is a balance between business and leisure;
- Why in Russia 7 employees out of 10 work overtime ;
- How to lose and regain the source of vitality, productivity and health.

It is very easy to get to the speakers' presentation:

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2. Go to the Virtonex app, click the "Sign in as a guest" checkbox and select the desired location. Done!!!

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