Cases Virtonex

Speech by speaker Victoria Almazova.

Key talking points:

- What kind of assistant you need and what tasks you can assign to him/her;
- How to start working with an assistant if you have never worked with one before;
- How to recoup the assistant's salary at least 12 times;
- Top 5 mistakes when adapting an assistant.

A few facts about Victoria:

Founder of AV Group HR Agency;
Helped her clients onboard over 100 employees in 2023;
Conducted 2,100 hours of employee training;
I work with large companies, 90% of which are repeat business;
Has spoken at conferences on the topic "From Chaos to System" to audiences of thousands along with top business leaders;
Author of the course "Fundamentals of Effective Management", "Business Assistant to Take Over the World";
Speaker of My Business in Moscow, Business Insight business club.