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The first figital event at Moscow State University on the Virtonex platform

This is the first fijtal event held at Moscow State University. The event was simultaneously held offline in the fundamental library of MSU and online in the Virtonex meta universe. Our company set up broadcasting from the meta-universe to the screens in the offline event hall, and the speakers' speeches were broadcasted in the meta-universe. Thus, both parts of the event were combined into one end-to-end hybrid event.

Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichy, Rector of Moscow State University, made a welcome speech and presentation on the Virtonex virtual stage.

"Valley of Startups" is a unique accelerator program that collaborates with two leaders in innovation: "Opportunity Accelerator" and MSU's science and technology valley "Vorobyovy Gory".

This was the first event in a hybrid format on our platform, when offline and metaverse events are combined. Our partners from MSU highly appreciated this format, and we are now happy to offer Virtonex for fijital events.