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Speech by business process automation expert Darya Dubrovskaya

The main theses of the speech are:

1. Who needs time management: businessmen or housewives too?

2. how much time do I have in total?

Exercises : the pie of life, the length of life

3. Preparation for planning. A picture of the working day.

4. Planning: what scale to count on?

5. 7 effective time management techniques

6. Do you need to plan a vacation?
A few facts about Daria:

- Certified specialist in business process design in Businest studio;

- Expert in automation of business processes in 1C AND BITRIX24 systems;

- Director of Logistics and Purchasing at Led Effekt;

- Instructor in lean manufacturing

and quality specialist;

- Developer of training courses on business processes;

- Author of articles and books on business processes,

Time management, lean production;

Work experience: 21 years, including 18 years as a manager

in various areas of business - retail,

advertising activities, production of goods.