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Speech by speaker Irina Tatarinova

A few facts about Irina:

- 23 years of professional accounting experience;
- Tax expert, 15 years in business, certified business mentor;
- Owner of the accounting agency "Arctic Consult", in the portfolio of 120+ companies, Murmansk;

Business security: internal and external.


- System building (if an employee leaves, you can continue the process without losses);
- Data protection (from stealing customers by employees);
- Material and production protection (stockpiles of materials/parts/equipment;
- Financial (reserve funds).


- Controlling authorities (secure checkpoints in front of the tax office; labor inspection/migration service; military recruitment office; Rospotrebnadzor);
- Buyers (legal enforcement; receivables management);
- Suppliers (supplier influence);
- Competitors (befriend or fight, "patent trolls").

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