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Business conference "MarketingUp"

On March 18, the business conference "MarketingUp" was held at the "Tropic Island" location.

The speakers in front of us were:

Bogdan Zozulya - internet marketer since August 2020; 10 years in IT before that: technical support, sysadministration, 1C analytics; 6 years in organization of concerts, music events and performances; incomplete higher education - "philosopher".

At the moment 73 projects in 35 niches, has made 2342129,95 rubles of the budget in total.

with the topic "Brand Mission: how it helps to create a business";

Alexander Dukh - Head of internet marketing agency "Studio Kiselev" with a team of 5 people; internet marketer, brand manager; Since 2019 he is engaged in content marketing, and from 2020 internet marketing in the complex.

With the topic "Telegram Maximum: How to promote the channel in 2023."

You can watch it in full here: