Virtonex will be available on all platforms

At the same time, it should be very comfortable to use and leave only positive impressions. Therefore, we have prioritized the different platforms, taking into account the technological limitations and possibilities of the interaction interface:

- PC - a Windows version is available now, with a MAC version coming in the coming weeks.

- VR - we are now actively developing the app and looking at its stable performance. Within a month it will be open for testing on virtual reality devices. In our opinion, the meta universe in VR has the best user experience.

- Mobile devices, the Virtonex version, will be available early next year. Now there are active experiments to adapt the UX for this platform.

- Web browsers - Internet version, of course, has the maximum reach, but the current technology does not allow us to organize high-quality voice communication for tens and hundreds of users, and also has significant limitations on the quality of graphics. That's why we will start adapting Virtonex for this platform next year.

We'd like to remind you that you can already download our Windows app and start using it.