Virtonex in the near future. What we have in store

1. Virtonex mobile version for Android and iOS

The development of Virtonex app for mobile devices is currently at an active stage. Soon you'll be able to attend events from any point on the map. All you need is a smartphone and Internet.

2. Assistant with built-in ChatGPT

You can create a virtual assistant with built-in artificial intelligence and place it wherever you see fit. You can train him to meet the guests of the event, tell them about your booth (location) or make a virtual friend and communicate with him in your personal room.

3. Remote streaming on the Web GPU

This technology will allow you to use Virtonex even computers, even on the weakest ones. All you need is
Internet access. Data is processed in the cloud by the GPU (graphics processing unit), and then transmitted
to your computer via the Internet.

4. Online Broadcasting

The ability to broadcast your browser will be added on screens within our metaclassical universe.
It will broaden the possibilities of using the platform (watching movies and sport events together, online raffles, workshops, work meetings, etc.).

5. Unity SDK for creators

It's an app for creating your own worlds in the Virtonex metaworld. In the first version, users will be able to create full 3D locations, add graphic elements, customize the lighting and much more.

In the second version it is planned to add functionality for adjust the behavior of objects, scripts and various interactions with objects and characters. This will make locations more lively and interactive. For example, it will be possible to make a full-fledged quest with full user immersion.

To work with Unity SDK we will need a knowledge of the basics of computer graphics, including 3D-modelling, texturing and lighting.

6. Portal System

Virtonex users will be able to create portals to travel between worlds anywhere in the metaclass. Portals can be created for themselves, as well as for other users, and together move between locations.

7. Personal rooms

A personal room is like a social network page, only in the metaclass universe (naturally you can create your own). In the meta universe (in 3D, of course). This is your personal space which you can customize, decorate and upgrade.

You will be able to invite your friends, colleagues and partners there. And also arrange your own mini-exhibitions, talk about yourself, play games, watch movies together, or just chat.