Communicate in Virtonex

In our meta universe, avatars can communicate using voice, chat, and emoji. All characters on the platform are well animated, and in the VR version the avatars will have gestures. Users can share media and 3D content while in virtual worlds. All of this creates an opportunity for the most comfortable communication and quality interaction.

One of the main advantages of Virtonex, unlike other existing meta universes, is the availability of different channels for separate communication between users. Thanks to this advantage, people can break up their interests and not interfere with each other. The following features are now available on the platform:

- 3D spatial sound (the farther the avatars are from each other, the less audible as in real life);

- Separate voice and text channels tied to locations (booths, meeting rooms, conference rooms, chillout areas, and others);

- private text chats (they allow you to correspond separately without other people).

Without false modesty, we dare to assure that our meta-universe has very high quality voice communication, at the level of the best communication systems. If in doubt, try it yourself and leave us a comment with your personal opinion.