Developer Diaries #1

1. We made a new launcher. The application is now updated automatically. Also in the launcher you can choose your avatar, go to the creation of a new event and edit an existing one;

2. There is statistics for each event. While there you can find out how many people attended the event and the total number of booths;

3. Expanded location customization. Now you can give your event an individual image. You can add images on the walls of the respawn, in the negotiation rooms, on the congress-hall building and next to it. Want to make a message to all the exhibitors? Add text to the blimp, it will be impossible not to notice it;

4. We have added a choice of themes for the location. First we decided to give a festive mood, dressed up 3D trees and decorated the first skin for the New Year;

5. Made it easy to install the application. Just open the file and follow the installer prompts;

6. Now you can write your questions to the speaker in the congress-hall. You can ask a question by clicking on the Question button at the bottom of the interface. It appears only when you enter the congress hall area;

7. In the congress hall the possibility to jump was cut out. Now the stage can climb only the administrator of the hall and the speaker bypassing it from the left or right side;

8. Added "GRANDMASTER" role. Now several people can decorate event simultaneously;

9. Now you can add items to your inventory and use them;

10. Also made the application more convenient by fixing minor bugs.